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Johnny Depp settles $25M suit against his business managers, avoiding potentially embarrassing trial

The actor settled his $25M suit against his ex-biz managers, thus avoiding a trial that could have produced more embarrassing details of his spending.




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‘Blindspotting’ stars Daveed Diggs, Rafael Casal are on a mission of empathy

In tackling issues like race, class and police brutality, Daveed Diggs ('Hamilton') and Rafael Casal want Oakland-set 'Blindspotting' to inspire audiences to embrace empathy.




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35 musicians who famously told politicians: Don’t use my song

Campaign songs have been in use since the days of George Washington. Politicians today often rely on popular hits, but because that can imply a musician supports the candidate, names like Adele, Bruce Springsteen and Abba have asked politicians to stop playing their songs.




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‘Transylvania’ actress says cruise directing is not for her

Though she lends her voice to feisty cruise director Ericka in 'Hotel Transylvania 3,' actress Kathryn Hahn says she could never pull off the gig in real life. (July 16)




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Watch Felicity Jones as young Ruth Bader Ginsburg in ‘On the Basis of Sex’

Watch the 'Rogue One' star trade her British accent for a Brooklyn one as she plays the Supreme Court justice as a young lawyer strategically challenging laws that discriminated against women.




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